In 2016 MSIFN comissioned a poll to look at whether those communities being targeted by OLG for new or expanded casinos were “willing hosts.” The results speak for themselves, in Pickering, Ajax, and Peterborough, people clearly feel there is enough gaming as there is and don’t want any new facilities built near their homes.

They are concerned about the impact on their communities if new or expanded gaming facilities are opened. They worry that issues like traffic congestion, policiing costs, and the costs to social programs are all going to get worse if OLG expansion continues in their communties.

Read the Abacus poll results for yourself, and ask why the government and the OLG is forcing gaming facilities on communities that clearly don’t want one.

Better yet, ask your MPP that same question. You can look up your MPP and their contact information here. If you don’t want to see more casinos in your neighborhood let them know this is a bad bet!